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JDM engines are renowned for their quality and reliability. With more than a decade of experience in the sale of used Japanese engines, JDM Engine Depot is the trustworthy source of all your used engines from Japan. Based in Belleville New Jersey, JDM Engine Depot is a quality provider of used engines, suspensions, transmissions and accessories. All products sold by this company are sourced expressly from Japan. We scrutinize every item keenly before we make a purchase. We hand pick each engine. This explains why our engines are consistently considered credible and reliable by motoring enthusiasts and the average driver.

Engine types

JDM provides an exhaustive variety of engines from Honda / Acura, Lexus/Toyota, Nissan/ Infinity, Suzuki, Ford, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. Engines are available for collection and shipping can be done to locations across the world.

Buying a JDM engine

JDM’s experience ensures all customers realize significant savings when they buy from us. JDM’s inventory offers an excellent source to cater for the needs of any repair shop as well as individual motorists. All engines bought from our company are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Buying an engine from JDM is easy and convenient. Supply us with all the necessary details about the engine you need; these include the model and make of your car and the year it was manufactured. Our sales team is well versed with all engine types. With the accurate details you give to us, we will already know the type of engine you require for your automobile. Our customer representatives are all always ready and available to help resolve any issues that might arise. You can even track your order by visiting our shipping page. This will give you real-time information on how far your order has gone.

Our engines are the perfect solution for your engine replacement needs. Using engines from JDM to do your engine swap is a cost-effective strategy; it is more bearable than buying a new car.

Why Choose JDM Engines

· Excellent customer service

Customers in MA, Y and CT who buy any transmissions or engine (except clearance items) we reimburse toll fees for both Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge. Our customer service is offered by knowledgeable staff that is trained routinely in order to update their competence in this ever-changing motor industry.

· Value

JDM has one of the largest inventories of both featured as well as clearance items. Our website is very user-friendly. Customers can check clearance items easily y clicking the red button. In case a customer cannot locate a given item online, we encourage such clients to call our office. A knowledgeable specialist will locate the item in the shortest time possible.

For all your used engine requirements count on JDM engines for excellent value for your money. We believe in, and deliver, quality engines, transmissions and accessories. Orders may be placed using both Mastercard and Visa as well as Paypal.

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