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About JDM Engine Depot

Welcome to JDM Engine Depot’s official website! Are you in search for a used yet reliable JDM engine? Our company has been the industry leader when it comes it selling used JDM engines. All of our engines are hand picked then imported from Japan to our 25,000 square feet warehouse in Belleville, NJ. Averaging at about 45,000-65,000 miles, our JDM engines are considered reliable by car enthusiasts or the average daily driver.

Running for more than a decade

JDM Engine Depot has been in this industry for over a decade. We are without a doubt the #1 importer of Japanese engines, transmissions, and accessories. We also dabble in the importing of front end conversions as wheel as used wheel and tires. Purchasing a used JDM motor from us is a simple and easy process.

It’s easy to buy a JDM Engine

First things first; let us know the year, make and model of your vehicle! At this point, our sales team will already know what kind of engine you would need for your vehicle. At JDM Engine Depot, our customer representatives are there to help you in any way possible. Need cardboard to protect your purchase while doing a local pickup? No problem! Want our carrier’s drivers to call you an hour in advance before drop off? You’ve got it! You can also visit our shipping page to see how your order is processed.

Replacing your engine with one of our JDM engines is cost-effective and is much less painless than buying a new car. Although we do recommend to consult with a certified mechanic, our staff is more than willing to help you plan the installation. If you do have trouble after the installation, do not hesitate to give us a call. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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