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» » J32A Acura TL / CL Engine JDM J32A

J32A Acura TL / CL Engine JDM J32A

$ 499.00

Company: Honda
Code: J32A Acura TL / CL Engine JDM J32A
Year: 99-03 / 01-03
Valve Train: V6, SOHC VTEC
Displacement: 3210 cc
Horse Power: 225 HP @ 5600 RPM
Torque: 217 LBS-FT @ 4700 RPM
Compression: 9.8:1
Red Line:
Weight: 500 lbs

Complete Head Complete Block Intake Manifold
Exhaust manifold Injectors Throttle Body
Sensors Fuel Rail Alternator
Coil Packs A/C Compressor

This engine fits the following cars, acura tl acura cl

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