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Q:   What parts are included with your engines?
A:   We call our engines "complete longblocks."   These complete longblocks include everything from valve cover to oil pan.  Included as well  are items directly bolted and attatched to the engine such as intake manifold, throttle body, ignition system, fuel system and complete engine internals.  If necessary wiring harnesses and ecu are included.  Engines such as the SR20DET and 2JZGTE.

Q:   What is included in our engine swap packages?
A:   We always provide everything mechanically necessary for the engine swap.  Electrical items such as wiring harness and sensors are factored into the final price is necessary.  Drivetrain parts such as axles driveshaft and linkage are extra.

Q:   Do our Honda Engines Include Wiring Harnesses?
A:   No, The reasons are for the following.  Honda wiring harnesses are all interchangable. Little if any wiring modification is necessary.  Also Jdm Harnesses are too short because they are designed for right hand drive vehicles.  The only wiring harness needed is the K-series swap into a B-series vehicle(Those swap packages sometimes include wiring harnesses.)

Q:   Do we carry JDM B20-Vtec or JDM LS-VTEC?
A:   No, The B20 Vtec and Ls Vtec engines are Homeade Hybrid engines made up of parts of two different engines (non-vtec block with vtec cylinder head)

Q:   Do we Carry Turbo Kits?
A:   No, We carry factory turbocharged engines from Japan.  It is very rare to have a aftermarket turbo engine here.

Q:   Do we do installations?
A:   Unfortunately we do not do installs.  We can recommend you to a reputable shop in the Tri-State area.  NJ NY CT

Q:   Do we sell just Cylinder Heads or Short Blocks?
A:   No, we do not sell bare heads or blocks.  In the unfortunate event we get a return due to warranty claims we sell the engine as a "Mechanic's Special" for whatever the price of the remaining good parts are worth.  (Head or block)

Q:   Do we purchase engines locally or accept core charges?
A:   Unfortunatly we do not purchase engines locally or accept core charges.  All of our inventory are shipped directly from Japan and we inspect and distribute these engines prior to sale.

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